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About Emma

Emma Nadler is a psychotherapist who writes about relationships. In her private practice she helps people better understand and tolerate emotions, build deeper connections, and find meaning in life’s challenges. She is passionate about transforming her own experience as a parent of a child with disabilities into empathy, compassion, humor, and, of course, stories. Most of all, she wants to explore creative approaches to life’s seemingly unsolvable problems—and spark systemic change for mothers and caregivers. She lives in Minnesota with her (never boring) family.

About the Book: The Unlikely Village of Eden

One afternoon, Emma Nadler gets a call from her daughter’s doctor that changes her life forever. With a generous wit and a wide-open mind, Nadler—who also happens to be a psychotherapist—offers a rare window into the unconventional ways she and her family adapt to their improbable path. Every relationship in her life—with herself, her husband, children, friends, and even clients—is reimagined as she navigates the heartbreak and hilarity of her daily life. Nadler illustrates the complexity, grief, and joy of living an unexpected life, all with the wisdom of a therapist, the heart of a loving parent, and the ingenuity of a queer woman who refuses to be shackled by cultural expectations.